Piezoelectric disk as contact microphones

And again inspired by Nicolas Collins’s book “Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking“. Simple selfbuild contact microphones from cheap piezo elements. A piezoelectric disk generates a voltage when deformed. There are used in acoustic guitar mics, toys as buzzer and all kind of contact mics. Good thing is that there create enough voltage to be directly connected to recording device. Piezoelectric disks tend to transmit... Read More

Uglypaul cajon drumset

I created this drumset for a friend of mine. Goal was to create a nice Ableton Simpler drumset with stuff I allready had in my small project studio. I used a cajon for the bassdrum and snare, a tin can for the hihat, mixed shakers and an eggcup for the “ping\bell” sound which I am most proud of. I faked a big studio recording with a stereo overhead to create some room. A ribbon mic is used for the base sound and a Rodes NT 6 to record... Read More

UP-808 Groove Controller

I always wanted a real TR 808 but lets be honest – 1800 Euros ? There is now way I can and want afford it. Yes the step sequencing input with 16 buttons is a great way to work for people like me. So I used Novation’s launchpad and different max for live devices and plugins to mimic stepsequencing workflows. Last year when I started to tinker with electronics again and focused on ableton’s live and max I had the desire to connect... Read More

Lunetta Synth

My first attempt of building a “lunetta” synth based on CMOS logic chips. I used one 40106 Hex Inverting Schmitt Trigger. Yeahh! Raw lunetta recording For the geeks: This chip contains 6 individual Schmitt triggers. A Schmitt trigger is a comparator circuit that incorporates positive feedback. What this means is that when a high signal is applied to the input pin, the output pin generates a low signal.... Read More

Chicco Drum-Maschine

Another curcuit bend. Bought this “thing” on a flea market this summer. Very Simple again but I like whats coming out of this thing. Next upate of this post will have sound, a simpler drumset and beat – yeahh. Still trying to get 11 posts in 2 weeks to fulfill by obligations for this year. stay tuned. What I learned here? “Record it as it’s hot” – I did the bend, played around and then put into a box for weeks.... Read More

VTech “Laptop” bend

Onother circuit bend from this year. Got this VTech “Laptop” for 2 Euros on the flea market. Procedure like always – find resistor controlling the speed of the playback, replace resistor with variable resistor and put a 1/8 inch socket in there to record it. Inside Raw Recording FX Recording Recorded through EHX MemoryMan and Moogerfooger Cluster Flux  Read More

Single coil pickup 2 klinke

Another experiment inspired by Nicolas Collins’s Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking. Just an old single coil pickup connected to an 1/4 inch plug – called 6.3 mm Klinkenstecker in Germany. I have to take this beauty out for a walk to the ATM. The first recording is just static computer noise from an iMac on my desk. Single coil connected to quarter inch plug Singlecoil picking up Computer Noise  Read More

Kalimba with piezo pickup

This is embarrassing! It is December and I got 2 posts, one without sound – NICE, WTF? Ok, so here we go. I have two weeks left. I decided to do just quick sketches of stuff I did the last 11 month or of what I am doing right now. I got a small Kalimba from a music store around the corner and decided to add an piezo element to record it. Nothing more to say here – Hope you like it. Raw Kalimba Kalimba loves EHX memoryMan Kalimba... Read More