Chicco Drum-Maschine

Another curcuit bend. Bought this “thing” on a flea market this summer. Very Simple again but I like whats coming out of this thing. Next upate of this post will have sound, a simpler drumset and beat – yeahh. Still trying to get 11 posts in 2 weeks to fulfill by obligations for this year. stay tuned. What I learned here? “Record it as it’s hot” – I did the bend, played around and then put into a box for weeks.... Read More

VTech “Laptop” bend

Onother circuit bend from this year. Got this VTech “Laptop” for 2 Euros on the flea market. Procedure like always – find resistor controlling the speed of the playback, replace resistor with variable resistor and put a 1/8 inch socket in there to record it. Inside Raw Recording FX Recording Recorded through EHX MemoryMan and Moogerfooger Cluster Flux  Read More