Chicco Drum-Maschine

Another curcuit bend. Bought this “thing” on a flea market this summer. Very Simple again but I like whats coming out of this thing. Next upate of this post will have sound, a simpler drumset and beat – yeahh. Still trying to get 11 posts in 2 weeks to fulfill by obligations for this year. stay tuned. What I learned here? “Record it as it’s hot” – I did the bend, played around and then put into a box for weeks.... Read More

VTech “Laptop” bend

Onother circuit bend from this year. Got this VTech “Laptop” for 2 Euros on the flea market. Procedure like always – find resistor controlling the speed of the playback, replace resistor with variable resistor and put a 1/8 inch socket in there to record it. Inside Raw Recording FX Recording Recorded through EHX MemoryMan and Moogerfooger Cluster Flux  Read More

Rockstar Circuit Bend

Circuit bend number 2. A cheap rockstar toy keyboard bought on a flea market for 50 Cent. This thing is so boring and cheap. I found the resistor to change the speed of the audio output, pimped the thing with an 3.5mm... Read More

Ernie’s phone circuit bended

This is exciting. My first circuit bend and my first post. I had the plan to start this blog and the plan to finally start bending some of the toys I bought at flea markets . Now I added the intent to create a post every month in 2011. Hello 2011 here we go. ... Read More