Rockstar Circuit Bend

Circuit bend number 2. A cheap rockstar toy keyboard bought on a flea market for 50 Cent.

This thing is so boring and cheap. I found the resistor to change the speed of the audio output, pimped the thing with an 3.5mm jack and was totally disappointed with what I heard. Then I started fiddling around with a capacitor that is responsible for the length of the played tone. I added a much bigger one to get more time to play with the tones generated by the chip and then played a lot with changing the variable resistor. Some nice bass sound and sweeps but still a little bit boring – There is so much space in this thing that I consider to put a small LFO circuit inside to spice it up for revision 2. But that is a plan for later. So fare pimp version 1.0. Enjoy.

Raw recording

FX recording

Recorded through EHX MemoryMan and Moogerfooger Clusterflux

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