Ernie’s phone circuit bended

This is exciting. My first circuit bend and my first post. I had the plan to start this blog and the plan to finally start bending some of the toys I bought at flea markets . Now I added the intent to create a post every month in 2011. Hello 2011 here we go.

First victim of my bending career will be an Ernie phone which I bought for 1 Euro. I only read about circuit bending on the internet and in my favorit book Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking by Nicolas Collins. The easiest possible bend is to find the resistor controlling the clock of the soundchip. The clock is responsible for the speed of the sound playback. Making the resistor smaller plays the sound faster making it bigger makes it play slower. There where exactly 2 resistors in the Ernie Phone. One circuit feeding a transistor to amplify the signal for the small speaker and one for the clock speed. I used an 1MOhm variable resistor in parallel to the old one to get higher pitches and a configuration in row with the old resistor to get deeper pitches. A micro switch is used to switch between the two configurations. The speaker had to be removed to make space for the variable resistor so i put in a 3.5 mm socket to record the sounds.

Ernie Phone in speak mode

Ernie Phone in dialtone mode

Ableton doodle with Ernie Phone sounds


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  2. mckliem says:

    Ernie is going deeper underground!
    That is real sounddesign!

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